Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Justifing a Bad Decisions

There are time that all the known choices are bad or have at least one bad component or criteria outcome.

Typical decision theory generates alternatives, generates criteria and importance of the criteria, applies some form of evaluation, and pronounces the best choice. It is not uncommon to stumble across another criteria part way through the evaluation process, but beware, some computer evaluation process do not handle this, and well manual process can be work.

Now there are all sorts of criteria process; maximum reward, minimum regret, maximum profit, maximum sales, best quarter... next year may suffer, but I will have my bonus, what ever.

But if there are no clear good choice, now what. You want someone to blame, or to pass the decision on to. Is that what "god's will" is used for? Often it is to keep a historical decision in place, long after the reason is evaporated.

We live in an overpopulated world, not necessary in an overpopulated region or community. We have exceeded the viable earth population by two, but oh well... It is the Co2 level that indicates overpopulation, not water or food, fish health, climate change or something else. So should we hold to the same traditional value of human life... or should we allow Myanmar to eliminate a million radical Muslims... or should we promote reality... no god, or allow and even protect belief in god and historical belief in god, with attached idiotic beliefs and behaviors. It is the other side of the planet, and I am not going to get off my ass on this question, so it does not matter anyway, I cannot do anything anyway.

So the reality is to sit back and watch as the lives of the uneducated refugees are wasted. And that allow me to sit back and watch as the natives here destroy Canada by economic drain on our federal government. We should not let them starve, but we do not need to make the elders rich... well not really rich... rich implies retention of wealth... but they spend it all in a great high social life style, while there people languish is poverty. Many of the young that decide to leave do not survive. Oh well.

Conforming to standards has it place as long as the standards have reason. When the standards become just silly control freak issues, then it is the standard that should be questioned. So historically there are often more than one way to spell a word, and more than one meaning for the same word. Confusion, yes. There are concepts what we English speaking have no words for, like improvement to a artifact that improve one aspect and reduce another aspect. Oh well, all this generation need to do is to leave offspring behind and that is happening... but the offspring are not learning well and to many of the sick are reproducing. We are going through a evolutional wide period; the choke point will come.    


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A belief in god is a delusion since there is no god...

We believe much of what we were taught, but should we? It reminds me of a story: a doctor told a story about his first day in medical school: a professor told the students, “Over the next twenty years or so, we’ll learn that half of what we’re teaching you today is wrong. Trouble is, we don’t know which half.”  In engineering, when I was a student, it was similar but without the half; it was just some. In life, what we learned as children is riddled with wrongs, and that depends on what we use to test against. Is it wrong to be biased against religions, cultures, breeds or races, people with specific behaviors, people with specific beliefs? Given that we live in an overpopulated world, no matter how we try, we will be biased, for or against, and if we try, we will be biases against ourselves. Since we live in a overpopulated world, taking action to resist genocide can be seen as biases against ourselves.

If we are not already overpopulated, we will soon be.  I use a maximum viable population long term at which the earth can no longer keep up with absorption of Co2 as a definition.  At that point, we cannot continue to value human life as we have in the past. That is a moral tipping point, and we are at that point.

Many people have a strong belief in a gods, yet there are no gods, no supernatural, no souls, life after death, no reincarnation. So these people have a test book delusions, the belief in something that does not exist. The sure way to break the spell is to inflict the knowledge that a god, any god, does not exist. But that delusion is self protecting, and the believer builds this tremendous bias against reality. So the question is, how does one penetrate this bias against the single most important truth? Reality is the truth. And we should always tell the truth, right?

Once we accept reality, there is no god, we see religion as frauds, they do some good, or promote the doing of good, but have little or no money after building their structure and paying the priest for the doing of there intended good works. It all goes for support and wages. So why do we, the people, allow no taxed structures?

So we can divide humans into two groups, those who believe in gods, and those who know there are no gods. So which group will be better off?  At some point the world will need to understand the new reality of overpopulation and just stop reproducing. Then comes the question, do we save the overproducing savages or do we let them die? Myanmar is that time for me. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. We can chose to look at the problem or not. 


Friday, September 8, 2017

Morals aka Zuckers, what is right to do

So what are good morals founded on? Logic? Greek cosmopolitanism? Stoicism? Christian? Buddhism? Science, aka modern psychology? Philosophy? Science, the physics of the world? Economic considerations? Notice Islam is not on the list. They have too little to offer. Yes, all have some input, but that is not the problem of morals. The problem is others imposing there morals onto others who have a slightly different set. That is the real problem of trying to control others. If you over control, and do not provide real reasons, you lose the moral reason, moral authority, for the statement, and you lose respect, and the willingness of the underlings to follow. We see volunteer  organizations that go through the same thing, fail and collapse.

Religions belief systems are a poisonous infliction on the world, but they do occasionally have good points but... the world is over populated now... if we use Co2 level as a indicator. Population growth must be slowed, and all religions try to grow new members. This is morally wrong now. Birth control must be promoted by all for all, to help limit the earth population. There is no longer a moral imperative to try to save all people... some must die. This may be the kindest thing to do. The population must decline to something less than 4 billion, based on our current Co2 production. This number is contested, and is a soft number, depending on how we are willing to live, and what condition we allow the earth to get into. Our population is effecting the environment in a big way.

Our outlook on this changes our morals quite a bit. I recognize that those who do not accept human driven climate change... and all the lesser effects will be upset, but oh well. But for those of us who recognize the changes we have made on this world, we humans bear the guilt, and responsibility once we recognized this, and have spoken out against abusing the earth, but few have listened.   

Once we see that we are already overpopulated, the value of human life decreases. We are the too many. To this end, unviable children should be allowed to expire, and we should assist voluntary terminations. Abortion is then not an issue. Only the strong physically will survive, as it was before the modern age. And still we overpopulated the planet. It is easy to understand the resistance to allowing in the refugees. We, in Canada, have enough population, for we in Canada need much winter heat to survive, and that produces much Co2. Everywhere else is already much over populated.

Carbon capture should be given priority, where practical. Forest is good, we should be burred, not burned. A one child policy is needed to allow everyone to carry on their genes if they so wish. Some of us have found youth to be joyless, and would not inflict life onto another human, and thus remained childless. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Gays and other lifestyles we would not chose should be allowed to live out their lives quietly, but if they get uppity or to much in our faces, they will be beaten down. Same goes for the natives, as they were a concurred race which we have supported in recovery to the point of being in a position of influence. Now they want a free ride in our society. My suggestion is it will not happen... Trudeau needs to have the natives account for the money, for the chiefs are becoming rich, and the natives... not so much.  


Monday, September 4, 2017

So where do we find ourselves

Yesterday I heard a Gretta Vosper talk that was a call for action, to follow her... more or less. But I am an atheist, not a United plus atheist; Her call is not my way.  

We are all searching for our path forward, and that becomes the issue. We start where we are, not in terms of years of atheism, but in terms of where we are at in our head space, our psyche, for the lack of a better descriptor. Some are searching for community where they can grow, and some of us have enough community, but need spiritual or conceptual growth, confidence building, or concept development to define what we now know/believe. Some of us need action, projects; works of "faith". Faith is not the right word... works of virtue, humanism, or of community development... as AA says, "faith, without works, is dead" sort of concept. Some of see our role as converting others to atheism, while others of us see our role as defining what we actually think more clearly first, and then we will decide what our "work" should be.

I am at the stage of indecision; or perhaps possibility development. After coming to understand that religions, all religions are false, just fanatics, It take a bit of time to gather up a suitable world view; there is no evidence of a god, a soul, afterlife, and for some of us, no tribe, not much like minded local community, but groups of specific interest community.

So now to a world view, where there are two logical choices, a) create my own, or b) adopt in whole or in part. There are two which are suitable for adoption: Stoicism and Buddhism. In actual fact, there is so little conflict between them, one could adopt both, but each emphasize different parts of what could be a well rounded plan, one would need to choose emphases. So where does this leave one; having abandoned the past drags and anchors, free to go into the new world unencumbered.

Much of the lifestyles and mythology of other humans is just irrelevant, as is their religions and their belief systems. It does not matter to me what they believe, even if it is wrong, it is just none of my business. But they had better not impinge on my freedoms, else look out. David Silverman explains why here.    

Along the way, I realized that my thinking quite matches some of the concept is Object Oriented Programming, all thoughts are objects (nouns), or methods (verbs). Stitches on those objects take the form of modifiers, and away we go. The mental objects reference real world objects, and if the real world object is just a concept, the mental object exist, while the real world object does not, it is just a concept. So that explains how so many people can be fooled, the mental god object is real, but the real world object does not; there is no evidence of it`s existence; in this case I speak of god. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Reverse Engineering

Danial Dennett, in his book "Breaking the Spell" does a job on reverse engineering parts of religion. In his book he makes the point that there is no physical evidence for a god, but there is a preponderance of evidence for a "belief in a god." This is like the SantaClaus of childhood. the mythical unicorn. Well, perhaps, less people believe in unicorns, but the existence and belief of those who belief is the same thing as with a god that there is no physical evidence of existing.

It is the belief in the concept of a god, without realizing that it is just the belief of a concept of an imaginary thing that is offering the comfort. It is the certainty of though, the community of like believers, and the constant reinforcement that provides the confidence necessary for a peaceful life without knowing the truth; there is no god, only belief in a concept of god. This is the confidence trick of religion.

And that is where I leave Dan... and go on my own. The Buddha claimed that delusions were the cause of suffering. I think this is not quite right, and it should be the belief of the delusion is the root of the suffering, or is that what was said and lost in translation.

I have come to understand religion as just a confidence trick. I feel sorry for those who do not see through the trick, and are so deluded by the illusions into believing. Saving of a non-existing eternal soul or life after death, well... these to are imaginary. Forgiveness for imaginary sins against the religion is just fine, but what about abuse or crimes against humanity? Lying, misleading... these are serious events of life... going half way through life, believing false stuff... wasting lives keeping this religious hocus pocus alive. Religion is the greatest conspiracy ever perpetrated on mankind. It was a system of thinking that got us through the stone age, iron age, but we are now into the information age, and it is time to learn truths, not fiction.

We need a great sorting and purging of wrong information. Only the science can do this. Know truths, recongnise myths as myths, and abandon fiction as fiction. Fiction can also be entertainment, but how much entertainment should the human have? How much of religion was just entertainment? Or is all of religion just entertainment and fill a social need? Are the entertainment and social need enough redeeming value to make some religion useful or at least benign? Once we know there is no god, and only belief in belief of a god, can religion still function? Only for those so inclined. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's All About Belief, Belief, Belief.

The science is quite clear, there is no physical god, and no physical evidence of one of any kind. Religion is all about belief in a god that does not exist. When we do not acknowledge that no god exists, but stick to a belief in one, the actions and cognitive function can be consistent. Reverse engineering of religion makes this quite clear. All religion is based on a falsehood, and as such is a form of fraud. Now, what moral high ground do they have? I do believe that the concept of gods exist, in the mine of believers. So there is a lot of belief in the "belief in god." But that does not change there is no god, no physical god.

Moral action is a basis base description of action. The word moral is a concept opposite to sin, that is religion based. It is a religion based term for right actions, right behavior, but is religion based. As an atheist, "moral" is just a concept, so to be atheist and to be moral is a UME, use meaning error, to miss use an English grammar term. It is our behavior that must be judged, yet not with religious based terms.

In Iceland almost all Down Syndrome fetuses are aborted, because there is a reliable test, and to test and appropriate action to be taken is the right thing to do. It is the society that must be accepted, and to bring a Down Syndrome child into life is a burden on the society. Now watch all the Christians get up about that. Religions like to reproduce and spread their fraud downstream to the next generations. It is a more sure spread that laterally, where reason can prevent the spread. We could eliminate a tremendous burden on the medical system by eliminating all nonviable children. It is a mater of defining what is right for our society.

There is more peace in homogeneous culture than in multiculturalism. Canada and the US are headed for ongoing strife, just like Israel, and now Europe. Africa is so badly overpopulated and starving. Oh well, the whole world is over populated when we use Co2 level as the indicator. The human population is in for a rough ride the next while. The earth will survive but will humans?         

Monday, August 14, 2017

What defines a "Quality Life"

A quality life for all is a fine guide, but what exactly is a quality life? This is reminiscent of the Stoic guide to live virtuously and naturally or by nature. Sounds good, but what exactly does it mean? Actually, when we unpack the Stoic virtuous life, it is a quality life, and would also be approximately what Buddha would have recommended or allowed. Buddha did not address seventeen issues, as the proper answer would violate other directions, necessities of life, or prevailing society believes in his time and location. These are only the issues that he refused to address.

No life is without drama; however, some people just create needless drama. Drama that is the result of an long list of thins, delusions of how life of the world should be, delusions of how others should act, our expatiation's, our unfulfilled desires, and our aversions all cause us emotional misery, and that is up to us to let go of. We may, at the same time need to let some people also go, or detach from them.  The Mangala Sutra defines what a good life is, looking from the tail end. Having reached retirement, I can say that I have lived a quality life, with a few exceptions each way. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The Stoics do likewise, but they also define it by characteristics to practice, which they hold as virtues, but do not get around to defining what they think those named virtues consist of. Justice for example changes with society and with time. So in the end we have a list of conflicting concepts which we can pick from, which gives us enough room to be disgusting people, and be within there definition of leading a good life. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The US has its Alt Right, which would likely not be tolerated in Canada; with our in-sighting hatred laws. We, Canada, are not any longer a "christian" country, but a multicultural one, which implies multi-religion. The rights of others to impose there beliefs on others has not been tested in a big way, but is coming. We have just seen those uppity natives object to some road names, building names, and a few historical monuments. These needs to be resolved, otherwise our society will continue to fragment further, rapidly.              

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Quality Life for All

What is the ultimate objective? A quality life for all is the likely answer in general. This does not say government handouts, but gives the opportunity for effort, not money.

So we all have delusions, and it is not what happens that bothers us, but what we think about those things. Human misery is caused by our thinking. Now there are many people who just want to live quietly, not demanding great amount of support, just enough to live. That is not right while the the rest of us work to support the services that those who just wish to live draw on those services.

The only solution is for all to "just live a quiet life" and pile onto the system, until it breaks. We can demand medical services for every acne and pain, or we can get on living until we die. It does not matter, for in the end we all just die anyway.

It is tough to live around people who live in a delusional state, it is difficult to associate with them in any form. Of course that is all in our head, as it is not what they think that bothers us, but rather what we think about their beliefs. Ok, so they are ignorant of reality, and why should that bother me? I have been forced to learn and struggle all my life, alone, and these ignorant groups of my relatives live off each other, on historical family lands, and get by happily.

Here is one area that I do not agree with Richard Dawkins. Much if not all of the kinship bond is learned behavior in human, not genetic. Richard claims it is genetic for the animals, and it may be for animals, but I see no evidence for that among humans. There is no reason for humans to hang with kin that are dissimilar in attitudes, beliefs, values, or the like. Abusive and ignorant relatives can go fuck themselves.      

Friday, August 11, 2017

When their culture is the problem


So what is our responsibility when it is their culture that is the problem. Islam is a delusion, as is the historical native way of life. Living those delusions condemns the people of those societies the problems that they have, and insures conflict with others of different delusions. Religions are delusions, cultures are largely delusions. What is not a delusion is real life, living reality. 

Trump-Un battle is about to start, and those two both need a taste of reality. Ideology is also delusion. As the Buddha said, the cause of all misery is delusion. It is not the things, but our thinking about those things.

So we humans are allowing those two people with grand delusions of their own self worth, to dictate the future; one of which is so deluded that he denigrates climate science. People and there activities are producing more carbon dioxide than the world is capable of dealing with; hence, Co2 concentration is rising. We are now doomed to severe climate change, polar ice melt, and similar issues. It is coming. The earth will survive, but will humanity?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Personality like Trump

Personality like Trump?


Are there personalities similar? Should they both be just ignored? Twitter has become trump's flagpole. Rum something up it, and see if anyone salutes. Ignoring the bombastic trump is one option. 

And then once we realize that they are living in a delusion of personal grandeur, how should they be perceived? 

What is the proper greeting to those who insist that there is a god? There is no god man!!! Man, are you deluded. I need some of what you are smoking. I do not know.

Trump has divided the media into what he accepts and what he does not. So to him anything he does not want to here is fake news. It has nothing to do with reality, just his opinion of reality. And that is what the US has for a President. Oh well, they got the government that they elected. He was a vote for change, a vote for shake up, a vote for living in a world where the rose classes are always on, for a life of reality TV, where life is lived in a delusion.

Trump has removed any semblance of  the US being a great nation, and has turned the US into a flailing nation without a sound foundation and living a delusion of grandeur. Living the dream, like so many of us (you) do, but what do I know. There is no god, no absolute guide to right and wrong; however, that which most agree is wrong, is likely wrong. We are all equals.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Climate Science

Climate Science makes several things clear; it is an iterative process of learning. Not only is it iterative, but it is step-wise. Too much population, using too much carbon has produce more carbon dioxide than the earth can handle, the co2 has effected the oceans turning them into acid, which the fish cannot live in; reducing the oceans capacity to absorb Co2, and we humans are screwed unless we get off carbon very soon. We are just through one more iteration. Changes need to be made for the next generations. Religions and political systems need to be replaced with big group values, and the like. The values must be frequently stated so that understanding for the efforts can be developed. It will be interesting time ahead.

As the Co2 rises, the climate warms, with the extreme storms, and rising seas. Food will become an issue, but so will other things, like clean water. We will need to store sufficient water for one year. Sky burial will become common. It is the most environmentally friendly. Or shallow, no formaldehyde, no box burial. No long term respect for the dead.    

Storage of energy will be the big thing soon. Refrigerators that freeze ice over daytime when power is available from solar arrays, and operate as ice boxes at night. Deep freezes that do likewise, but well enough insulated to remain cold all night. Gas for cooking and heat, short term. Perhaps daylight electric cooking, from solar arrays. Transportation, short distances... electric. Long distance trains, boats, all electric.

And most important, population control. The medical industry may need permission to provide services to any but the select groups. Life will not be worth much. Civilization will go into rapid decline. Communist, well socialism at least, will rise. It is going to become survival of the fittest, the richest, the political astute. Not a nice place at all. Oh, well, in the end we all just die anyway. We will be beyond reach, beyond caring. All this for not listening to the science soon enough.

Religion must be abandoned for reality based decision processes. It should be fun times ahead.       

Monday, July 31, 2017

What was the Purpose

What was the purpose of religious tests? Were they just a effort to educated the next generation? There is two ways to learn, one is by experience, the second and faster, more economical in both time and money is to read, and learn from written works. This has been known for a long time, since Alexander the Great, and his great library in Alexandria to educate the world. Oh well, it is nearly underwater now. Perhaps the oceans rose and the delta sank.

Johannes Stobaeus complied great works to "educate his sons" in the 5 century CE. Much of the old Greeks and Roman stuff came to us through Stobaeus, he has kept education alive, not just for his sons, but for many generations of humans. Was the bible also an attempt at recording and hence preserving history and stories for the purpose of teaching? and if so, we know that each generation learns more, so perhaps it is time to update and revise what is important enough and correct enough to teach the next generation. In that case, it is our duty to update all these books, or to produce new books for the same purpose. It becomes "what should be taught?" type of question.

The required information, aka knowledge, changes with each generation, and for each person. This is one of the missing bits, and what information we should have is also a problem. This might be useful is an easy way out; but it overloads each following generation with too much information, more than they can properly handle. Now we are left with too much, and yet too little. Consider critical thinking, and can you name all eight components? Without knowing all eight components, what you call critical thinking is not what I call critical thinking; so we have miss communications. That is the basics of the problem, no one has the time and effort to do in depth examinations of others ideas, because we have different foundations. If we are evidence based, without supernatural or magical  thinking, we are not willing to spend the time to learn what others think about the supernatural.

So what is this ranting all about? I do not have the patience to argue reality with the religious. They can do as they please, but forcing there religion on me is not acceptable. At the same time, having no or poor ethics is not right either, yet there is no need for ethics, morals, and our cultural values to tied to our religions of lack there of, yet these seam to be handles together. It is easier to adopt values that to reason what these values should be. To learn what are good values and why they should be followed is important for society to survive, but understanding what good values are has become a problem for all of us. It is not just what is possible, but there is the economy of life as well to consider, and the economy of the system. We cannot overspend to save something that cannot return value to the system. It has become that simple.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Religious Abuse

Religions have some right and take others that are not theirs.

Consider the Islamic who get offended at someone drawing Mohamed. It is not the right of a Islamic idiot to strike back or even to ask us to not draw the idiot Mohamed. It is not their right to impose their views on others.

Now consider the Catholic hospitals. They can choose to not provide abortion and assisted end of life services. But yet the government says we, the people have those right. This is the religious abusing there position as they are the service providers, and we the people, often have little choice. They withhold service that can reduce suffering.

And then you ask why we do not respect religions people.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

natural vs supernatural

The geological forces that are going on today have always gone on at the same sort of range of speeds, and with the same sort of results. All natural actions, and results, no supernatural. For anyone to say that something happened by god will require extremely good proof, as extraordinary results require extraordinary proof. Consider the biblical flood. How big was the known world, that is know to the survivors in the days of walking on foot, perhaps horses, where long distance travel was limited to the sort of distances horses could travel, day after day in pre-road days. Perhaps 7 days wide, perhaps 300 miles. So when the Black Sea flooded after the ice age ended... some 8000 to 9000 years ago, and a barn may have floated, and perhaps someone had seen the ice damn, and realized it would melt and built a float-able barn for the farm animals, and no one was recording time in a meaningful way... what happened?  So what ever happened must match the geological record. A big part of story telling is making it seam more interesting than it actually is.

So the geological record must be physically true, and the supernatural explanation is just wrong hypothesis. Is any thing else logical? So then the 6000 year old earth, is just bullshit. Bullshit has a definition; the author does not know and does not care if the statement is true or not. That is the best expression of the probable outcome.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Dark Force and Other Uncertainties

The Canadian Science Council has decreed that dark energy or the dark force is likely centrifugal force created by this sphere, with a radius of at least 13.8 million light years wide, spinning in three directions or rolling through space. As we cannot see beyond this dimension, we have no reference points to measure from, so we are unable to determine the rate of spin other than from the forces created by the centrifugal force. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed there are no god or gods, rather these are concept hypothesis of such being passed down through the generation as an explanations uncertainties of the mind. Some would rather have a false explanation than deal with an unknown. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed that the human does not have a soul or spirit. It just seems like it to the human mind, another simple but wrong explanation for consciousness. We are what we are, a thinking organism in an animal body. The Greeks and Romans explained this as we were the decedents of animal humans and intelligent gods, which is another wrong explanation, as yet unknown in detail method that we developed intelligence and self awareness. As there is nothing that survives death of the physical body, there is no afterlife or reincarnation. These concepts are supernatural and do not exist in the physical world. If you wish to live in a fantasy world, just do that on your own nickle. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed dark matter is likely neutron cloud, or similar unattached particles that have no charge, similar to hydrogen atoms that the positron has be annihilate by low energy electrons or electron collision. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

The Canadian Science Council has decreed that all religions are feeble attempts of our ancestors to control future generations, or to give them a quick start into education. As what is taught is wrong, it is actually a handicap. We can do better by eliminating all the supernatural concepts and admit that there is much we do not yet know, and some of what we profess to know is actually wrong. But which? We can define how we should live or at least basic principles fairly easily by taking that which is common to most religions. This is as logical as we can get from the information available. This can be amended with any additional physical evidence.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Religion is Irrational,

Religion is irrational, there can be little debate about that. Well, there can be little rational debate over that. There is no physical god. God's that exist in the mind of the religious person exist in the realm if concepts, ideas, and fairies. These are just not rational. So why do nations trust the direction of their country to people who are not rational?

http://freethinker.co.uk/2017/07/06/artefacts-for-museum-of-the-bible-were-looted-from-iraq/ reminds us that they hold dollars and conviction to their cause higher than the law. Oh well, law is just rigid application of a principal, not logic. There are always exceptions, but really Omar Kandr. They should have awarded a apology for violating his civil rights, and taken his citizenship away or a one dollar award.

Having said once again that there is no physical god, anyone who is bothered by that is the equivalent to sticking there head into the sand, if any bird actually does that. Oh well. But so many people insist that there is a god, and when opposed, just physically attack. It is not rational to try to govern through fear, but trump and others try to.

It is not rational to think that the natives can hold this country ransom much longer. We are seeing the start of civil unrest, and the police are taking what action they see fit, given the situation. The native culture does not handle reality well either. When the Governor General reminded them that they too were immigrants, he was forced to retract his statement, likely under threat of firing. At that point it says money talks, truth walks out the door with integrity.

Immigration is often not understood. It is not a decision toward something, but rather a survival method, to leave a bad situation, and to go elsewhere. The decision becomes 'pick the best of the choices', not pick the best. It is more governed by the push away than the pull toward. Canada has a reputation for allowing people in, not as an attraction. It becomes running from something, not to something. Oh well, we go through life making the best available choices as decisions.  The zero alternative, the do nothing choice, must also be considered.

So the big question is how do we promote critical thinking, abcdefg's. How do we get people back to reality? How do we get people, how can live comfortably in their heads, back to face the barbs of reality? But it is not my place to say how people should live. How do I get myself back to reality, and the world can go screw itself.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Terrorism Pays

Terrorism Pays


Who says we do not pay ransom?

Omar was a terrorist, terrorist sympathizer, or terrorist in training, for he was with the terrorists.  

Friday, June 30, 2017

trump is just another american asshole



Reconciliation yay sure.
noun: reconciliation; plural noun: reconciliations
  1. 1.
    the restoration of friendly relations.
    "his reconciliation with your uncle"
    synonyms:reuniting, reunion, bringing together (again), conciliation, reconcilement, rapprochement, fence-mending; More
    pacification, appeasement, placating, mollification
    "the reconciliation of the disputants"
    resolution, settlement, settling, resolving, mending, remedying
    "a reconciliation of their differences"
    agreement, compromise, understanding, peace;
    "there was little hope of reconciliation"
    harmonizing, harmonization, squaring, balancing
    "the reconciliation of theory with practice"
  2. 2.
    the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.
    "he aims to bring about a reconciliation between art and technology"

    So who are the natives trying to reconcile with? Themselves? The natives do not get along with themselves. They attack the hands that feed them. See "the rabid squaw", just google it and know that the AHS lost two of there diversity group.
    There must be discussion with the two parties to reconcile. The government does not really speak for the people, and does not know how we feel. We have never been asked on this subject. They are not reconciling with the population. 
    As long as they live on reserves and reproduce like rabbits, they cannot reconcile with the economy, nor with those who are forced off the reservations due to the inter-native bigotry. 
    Their preference, well of many of them, is to not prepare themselves for work. Education is often ignored, and they want top dollar for poor work attitude. So they cannot reconcile with the working world. 
    In order to reconcile with anything, they must change, for the world outside of them is not going to change for them. Reconciliation means changing themselves. They do not yet seem to be aware of this yet. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 


Friday, June 23, 2017

The Season of Discontent

At what point do societies become ungovernable? Most of the people are discontent, and when something more than 50% become discontent, is the country really governable anymore? The condition of trump's USA, where money control really lies with the elected Congress, well control of the major flow of the money at least, requires some agreement. But is this enough for a country to run smoothly? Not likely.

Here in Canada we have a liberal government spending like drunken sailors, much of it aimed at appeasing the natives and to buy the native and new immigrant votes in the next election. No amount of money will ever do it due to economic adaptation by the chiefs, little trickles down to the lower natives. That is a no win situation, but they are not happy; the young females keep running of and screwing themselves into poverty, drugs, alcohol, and/or the predators get them.

The young are not interested in much beyond alcohol, drugs, money, cars and the like. They want big money, but without training. Oh well, they stay unemployed, and so often cannot keep jobs due to such poor attitudes toward work do not fit the industrial needs for employees.  Oh well, we have immigrants to do the work anyway.

As a retired person, I can see the struggle with and against the government. The government lays out a grandiose plan, but it is not supported by the people, yet we are forced to conform... well conform may be too strong of word, tolerate more like. We go along because it is easier that resisting. It just does not matter any more. We are not held together by government, it is just easier to go along that to do what is right. It is that old silent majority issue, those under light stress do not think there is a real choice, just more of the same. We are not hurting bad enough to do anything, but there is discomfort, and more to come likely.

The population is becoming segregated by cultures into ghettos, or enclaves of separate cultures. Not a good situation. Unless something is done, we are going to have a country that is ungovernable. Those that get elected by popularity are not able to run the country, those civil servants that know how to run the country, based on the existing regulation may need to do what they can to improve the situation, not just keep changing the situation. Based on the background of too much population of the world, and continued population growth, the solution will be a big population die off, hopefully in other areas first. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Herding Cats

Working with volunteers or being a volunteer in an organization is like herding cats. We need to know what each individual wants and needs to be able to influence them in a direction. There is no control. If the master driver is also a volunteer, now what? Can he or she maintain direction and not become a controller? A little authority goes to the head too often. There also must be communications at a level that the receiver can recognize and utilize. Texting is not applicable to seniors. Computer is not suitable for many seniors. Changing things on a web site and considering that notice is complete bullshit as communications. Without volunteers, what is the organization?

Seniors do not do well in scramble systems, at least this senior does not. Oh well. But working with volunteers can degrade into a scramble system easily.  Now I know that I am not good at dealing with people in general, and especially where I am the "expert" and they are know nothings or young people. The obvious to me is new and foreign to some. As a geotechnical engineer, I ran into a few "the earth is only 6000 year old types. Reality says otherwise.

Only dead men have no biases and no opinions. We all have large biases: by what we are, our education, would like to be and mostly what we believe. Some of our biases are known by us; some are not, but are obvious to everyone around us. It is those unknown to us biases and opinions that cause issues for us and others.

Our organization exists to serve the desires and needs of it's members. If it no longer serves the needs and desires we just go away or just stop. Our needs stop being fulfilled, or we go elsewhere to fulfill those needs. It is that simple. Problems start when biases and opinions start effecting the group, or activity. Problems really start when personalities get in the way, and the biases get in the way. What now?  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Note to self

Eliminate all that we do not know by"science is difficult therefore god did it" is just faking reality.

Critical thinking depends on who is defining critical thinking. Understanding and eliminating all our own basis is the key to deeper understanding.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Critical Thinking


Christians got us this far. Now what? The above article demonstrates how unthinking, brutal, lacking compassion, lacking understanding some christians can be. Small c christians, they do not deserve any respect. Any young person is struggling to resist the hormonal drive we humans have. That drive is why the human species has prospered and our population has grown out of control and is currently beyond that which out planet can support, when combined with our energy use. The young are not at fault, it is a hormonal drive. Some manage to learn to resist, some do not. It is no different than addiction; it is or becomes a physical drive to do something. Some can resist, some cannot.

It is no different than being overweight, which is caused by overeating, which is caused by a hormonal drive to eat more than we need. If we humans could resist, there would not be 60% of the population overweight. Some people do not have the desire to eat; they are the normal weight people now; they cannot be compared to the those with the desire. It is all well and good, but unless those are perfect in all ways, they are hypocrites and/or ignorant.

After going through the critical thinking process on this subject, young people find themselves in the position of abortion or condemned for a child out of wedlock, to give up or try to raise, and with no income to support the child. There is no good solution. It is a choice of two bad choices. A choice of two lives destroyed or just one. So where is the christian compassion, the understanding, that christians claim? Not there. They talk a good story, but do not offer solution. Sex abstinence lecture after a pregnancy does no good. They were only doing what nature demands. So where is the compassion? Where is the understanding? Where is the good choice? Christians are a bunch of self righteous hypocrites that criticize and abuse but do not offer any solutions.

So which is more important: to criticize and abuse others for bad choices or to provide solutions for those bad choices? Found homes to support the mothers and take the children to raise as your own vs abuse the wood be mothers? Are you someone who will be respected or just another abuser?

This raises the need for a G in critical thinking, the good. Simply, a plan defining the virtues we are striving for free of bullshit of supernatural thinking. (see Pain in the Ass, Christopher W. DiCarlo) Even the Stoic, Epictetus had a plan.    

Friday, June 2, 2017

So what is my future in archery?

I retook-up archery a few years ago. Back in 69 to 71 I shot regularly, and even to lessons for two winters. It was fun, and I acquired a fiberglass bow and made wood arrows. Well fiberglass bows do not work well in the winter, and I exploded that bow. I got busy working and did not shoot regularly but only occasionally, when the opportunity presented. The wife had a brother who shot, and the husband of one of her friends shot, so I got perhaps a dozen afternoons over the next forty years. After I retired, I bought a couple of bows, now I have five and use carbon fiber arrows, and shoot twice a week usually. I have read a "few" books about the subject, and watched numerous videos, and have considered making bows.

Along the way I tried teaching enter level archery and found I like that also.

Archery, as a sport can be divided into three categories: competitive, hunting, and recreational. Each has its own styles, equipment, and emphasis. I am a recreational shooter by nature; I do not care about competition, and do not care to hunt or to take lives of animals just struggling to survive. It is just something to learn about and to do.

There are at least seven different styles of modern archery as well; instinctive, modern traditional, authentic traditional or reenactment, FITA Barebow, Olympic recurve, Hunter compound, Olympic Compound. The first three categories are my main interests; the remainder are where most people are at. Currently the club does not offer much in the way of courses or information in these three. That I would like to do, and develop a bit more in that direction. One of the big issues I struggle with is how much material to put into one lesson. The time dictates how far we will get. The next issue is selling this to the club.

Passive resistance or passive aggressive procrastination by the executive is apparent and is driving the activities of the club. They are against anything that they do not want. It          


Tolerance is what has been lost that is so critical in the inter-meshing of cultures. We tolerate the natives by paying for the old treaties so that we can have near ideal Indians, living in great quantities on some reserves. Here is an example of native intolerance: http://oathursdaynightgroup.blogspot.ca/2017/05/special-privilege.html

We tolerate the uneducated ideas of some religions. Muslims are also a multi sect religion, and some portions have lost tolerance for other sections and other religions. All conflict can be seen as loss of tolerance. Some time groups need to be stopped, if not stomped out, but then that is lack of tolerance combined with aggression.

The Muslims need to learn tolerance of others, and not go unhinged when we depict Mohamed as a violent general, for that is what he was. Oh well, shit happens.

I was at a talk, really a begging secession for teaching critical thinking to the third world, at a time that the US of Assholes is moving to a stupid position on climate change, to that of climate change deniers. Since 1974, we have know that human activities is driving up Co2 levels, and that is driving climate change. It is science, a mater of logic, proof with sound evidence, and it comes down to world population is too great. The US government is deigning all this. It is not taking the logical path, accepting climate change and making an economic decision to not address the effects of population. In this one move, the US has gone from a leading nation to a nation in decline, flailing about with a massive ego. We must tolerate this flailing, but it may be best to step back and let them flail as the world fails

This group of critical thinking promoters has created a recipe for critical thinking that works, just like the scientific method. It spends considerable time at understanding our biases, which once we identify them, we can apply critical thinking to each, and start to dismantle the supernatural thinking, the "witch craft and shay-men, spirit world, the learning by memorization, and the like. Oh well.

The recipe is; argument (assumption, precepts, conclusions), biases, context, diagram, evidence, fallacies. The emotional and spirit world will just need to learn to tolerate critical thinking as we continue to evolve down the path to pure logical people, or to well balanced emotional/logical people. Emotions are what drive us forward, we need those along with logic to lay the course. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.           

Saturday, May 27, 2017


 Well is this not just a fine pickle? Is it Kosher?


Muslims have some good ideas, just as the stopped clock is right time twice a day. They have a concept of right and wrong that is different. Depending on who is writing about it, it is more of a five point scale: required, permitted, neutral, wrong, absolutely forbidden. so Halal are permitted.

So the food rules are essentially the same as the old testament, and in a hot dirty country are about what is necessary to stay healthy. Now we have cleaner conditions, refrigeration, we generally understand disease, bacteria, blood borne parasites, and similar disease agents, these rules are just well archaic and followed out of blind faith.

So I will leave it to you to look up those rules if you like; Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy, Torah, and or Quran.
Now let us consider pizza; first you have crust, grain; then cheese, dairy, then meat. In what alternate reality would these be acceptable in one dish? He was only concerned about the meat. Pizza, with halal meat violates about four other rules. With such a ignorant question as "is it halal?", the answer to such ignorance must always be yes, for you do not know the rules, why should I, an atheist or christian for that matter.

In one rule set it is not permissible to mix grain, dairy or meat. Even a sandwich with butter and meat is not halal, you idiots. Pizza, is a vegetable according to a US senator. Pizza is a mix of all three also.

For meat to be halal, the animal (not pig or rabbit) must die from a slashed throat, which is not legal in either the US nor Canada for humanity rules. No commercially produced, government inspected meat is halal. So imagine the outcry when this is recognized. On one side there is the animal right, on the other the Muslims.  Oh well. The Kosher Rabbis know this and look the other way in the slaughter houses, for the animal is just stunned then the throat is slit, as the rabbis pray.

Halal pizza and halal meat is like a bank looking after the customers interests. Just does not happen. You can think that if you like, but you need to get hold of something solid and give your head a real good shake. It is like believing that there is an all knowing, all wise old man in the sky to call god.      

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What is there to understand, Bob?

 What is there to understand, Bob? Islam is faith, not reason. Those that believe, believe. That is the problem, it is the Islam faith. It is blind acceptance of a hypothesis as real. It is based on ignorance. All religions are.


Mohamed was a general. He wanted young soldiers who would charge to death without question. He created a religion that would provide that and more. It replaced all other belief systems. As long as no one questions, and those that do are terminated, it can take over any other religion. Fear is one method of short term control of the minds.

The suicide bomber gains in standing, and looses nothing. Life has no value in Islam to the soldier. That is the root of the problem. As long as we insist on freedom of religion, the problem will just grow. We cannot call then disenfranchised, they were never franchised. They are the spares of big families, the disposable of Islam. Religions are allowed to infect there young with dangerous memes before there brains can reason. Memes are dangerous things, especially that it is good to kill non-believers. The root cause is religion and specifically the Islam religion. The solution is to disallow the teaching of religion of any kind to the young. If they wish to learn and adopt it after the age of majority, well, then it is another problem.

Islam trains their people to follow without questions. Those that follow are selected, the remainder are just too busy with life. The next steps are small, and already well started, to follow through a simple action to a glorious conclusion and massive reward, all with the blessing of the leader and the great sky leader.  The religion is brain washing, to follow, to believe, to do as they are instructed, period. To pass from this place of deprivation to the place of plenty, pleasure, peace and the like is reputed to be wonderful; it is really just a story of bullshit. The final activation step are small and to the non-thinking person easy. No thinking person would do it; they are aware the promises are empty, the only life there is is the here and now.  

Keep in mind that all belief systems have no foundation and reside only in the mind of the believer. These mind parasites, memes, control all our actions almost automatically, some are fully automatic and beyond the control of the person...  Once we have them, to change, requires considerable effort... we need to overwrite them, provide alternatives, or have a major psychological shift. As these are often not based on logic, these are often termed spiritual awaking, or other goofy term with limited real meaning. It is like learning that traditional food are destroying us, yet we want to eat them, for we know not what else to eat. We need a change in attitude sufficient to bring an immediate end to the problem.

It is not about understanding the insane, it is about accepting they are insane, and offering them a real true alternative, not just a different version of insanity, or your untrue meme system. That alternative is really the secret of life. It is logic, realism, possibly derived from first principles. We are just animals with intelligence. Some have tremendous memory, others logic,or understanding. We need to cooperate for our own survival. For survival of all, we need to all cooperate. Those that will not cooperate need to be expelled from the community, and that is the problem. The community of non cooperatives are larger than the cooperative now. We have a major problem. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. 

We also need the conditions to be able to live the truth, without harassment and conflict. We atheists, humanists, realists, what ever we call ourselves, need the same conditions free of god that religions are given, imbibed with the goofy delusion of gods. We need the freedom to make all efforts at converting others to reality. There is no god, no souls, no afterlife, and no self for the most part, in the Buddhist meaning. Where do we go from here?  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

In Search of That Old Pleasant Feeling

Jack got me thinking:  http://www.atheistrev.com/2017/05/could-atheism-replace-religion.html

When I was young and going to church, it was more a social outing than a religious one for me. I grew up in quite isolated conditions. Church, and Sundays was the main time we escaped for a short while from the farm life. That and school; school was not fun, the town folk abused the rural, the ranch kids, abused the farmer kids. It was not good. But at church, the group was small enough that there was not so much abuse, except for that shin kicking asshole, McKnight.

Now knowing there is no god is only one of the factors. I never found the relief when I tried to go to church in the city. It was different, not the religion part but the extended social situation was not there. Those who go to church never talked about the sermon, just the people and the socializing afterwards, perhaps the potluck dinner; they were predictable, Jessie's casserole, mothers pies and potatoes, turnips, and/or coleslaw, the community turkey, or beef roast, etc. All the cousins, second cousins, extend families, in-laws, etc, on most Sundays; these were not community, but familiar community, my community. There were also those who never darkened the doors of churches except for weddings, funerals, and other specific functions, yet occasionally would show up for the dinners.

Those time are gone, and that is something atheists cannot address. Nor the opportunities to listen to the great storytellers, those who could spin a yarn so effortlessly, that kept us kids amused and quiet for hours. No truth, just tails, however there may have bit of truth there; how would we know? It is the memories of childhood which can never be recreated. Oh well, the young will be occupied with other things today. Life is much more complicated today.

Atheism could become a religion today, but not as just atheism. Realism has a chance, but not as Marc Perkel suggests,( http://www.churchofreality.org ), although some of his stuff is good in content, it requires additional input and over larger subject areas, and a concept/belief/personal directives areas. Rather than reason everything, prepackaged concepts are helpful to teach to the young, which is an essential function of religion.

I think any replacement of religion needs to be community based, real person to person contact, where a common belief system, value system could develop and be recorded. There is so much literature available for us to pick possible values from, or to develop our own, but ultimately, these need to be recorded and distributed. These need to go beyond the atheist no god, no soul, no afterlife, no reincarnation, no supernatural, all evidence based, but not clear and useful description of core beliefs or extended rules to live by. We all have our rules, but everyone's are in different orders, and the foundation for each must be included to deal with time change and needs change.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Too Much Information

Today we are exposed to too much information to really take in, in a well understood way. We take in much of this based on faith. For the religious it is taking in of god on faith, For the remainder it is taking in science facts on faith that somebody understands this stuff, and we sort of do understand, and can see some evidence for the logic. Religion is fraud; what they point to as evidence is evidence of a result, not the process that in there view, requires a god. There is no physical evidence of a god, yet so many insist there is a god.

The internet has allowed us to find much information, books and the like. Much of it is untrue, hypothesis, pure bullshit, story, but there is also some correct information. It is hard to sort, truth vs pure fabrication, fiction, bullshit. Bullshit now has a definition; the author does not care if it is right or wrong, it is just a good story. 

Atheism is superior to any of the religions today as it is truth and knowledge based. It does not simply go on believing as our ancestors have for thousands of years but stop to ask questions. Is there any physical evidence of god? No. Is there any physical evidence for souls? No. Life after death? No. Afterlife? No. So what is the foundation of Religion? Stories from long ago.

Man, an opportunistic animal developed on this whirling rock. We went from our latest evolution out ward in all directions and mated with our primate relatives, any that we could interbred with. We were just the latest out of Africa group, or were we. The process of evolution, variation and section pressure continues everywhere. So we who carry the genes necessary to reproduce, and those who do not or chose not to do not reproduce. Not reproducing in an over populated world is a proper response, but our genes die out. Overpopulation will become just another selection pressure. Oh well.

So what should be the foundation principle for the morals of the world. This is 2017, I am a man. I am responsible for all that is wrong in my relationships, so the wife tells me. Ultimately, we all are responsible for us all getting along. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump Burns Canadian Asset

OK, so trump burns an Israeli asset. Trump to Russia to Iran and Syria, then kills the whole village and the asset.  A day and a half, and it is all over except for the screaming and more killing to come. A well placed source (the internet, well placed but I did not say reliable) told me so. It could be true but it was the US strike.   http://www.businessinsider.com/air-strikes-on-islamic-state-in-syria-kill-30-12-of-them-children-2017-5

In the world of spy novel, which often have some foundation in the past reality, Trump just burned someone's asset. Oh well, we now know that Trump and by extension, the US, cannot be trusted. The effect is that if anyone wants to be safe, then sharing information about what the undesirables have been up to is risky. It always was, and as the governments have, in the past shared info, it is more of a problem.

That is if Russia can figure out who gave them the information, and Russia has a reason to act, and if ... and if... and if....  .  But the real damage is trump cannot be trusted to keep his mouth shut when dealing with Russia.  Impeach.  Assassinate. Shut him out of the real information flow.  Your choice or not.

Now what does that have to do with anything. I have a neighbor who has three greenhouses. I have never been in the third, yet, from the heat, I know it is active, and has been for years. I also know that he spends a fair bit of time in it, and plants do not come out of it in the winter, nor in the spring that I have ever seen. The other two are part of a smaller greenhouse operation.  Yet occasionally a van pulls up and "something" is moved.  Occasionally stuff comes in as well. But what do I know? Am I going to say anything to anybody? not likely beyond this.

So if the trump cannot be trusted, is the Canadian government going to continue to feed the US information? Not when the information gathering is active, for they value their sources, or at least I hope they do. Or the sources will filter information for their own safety. Although he may have the right to pass on the information, I doubt that he will be given it henceforth. He just shot himself in the foot and has not realized it yet, openly anyway.

If trump cannot be trusted, I suggest that Canada impose a matching softwood export tax on the US and watch them scream. The damage is already done in Canada. Shot down the BC coal port that the US uses, or apply the carbon tax on that coal. Do something anyway.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Religion, the home of the uneducated

Religion is just not compatible with advanced education. Where ever we look, we find answers but no god, no afterlife, no soul. There is no physical evidence of any gods. The only place left for a god to hide is in the mind of the believer. The more we learn, the more it is apparent that any continued belief is just not compatible with higher education. Cognitive dissonance, is just not reasonable to live with. One concept is wrong, the other is right, both cannot be.

Some of us were raised on farms and saw first hand the development of livestock. Evolution, that is at least change in livestock, generation after generation, is a given. To say that evolution, aka change, did not happen was just a non-starter. Some of us have spent our lives working with the residue of time, geological formations containing traces of the past, fossils, and processes visible today. We have explored for the devil, and found only nature, and natural process, no god or anything that is not natural. There is no god. Some, among us, have moved on. Now it is time to become positive, and develop understanding of the foundation of society at a practical level.  

The foundation of cooperation between humans demands common ground to build a relationship on. Cooperation for survival is a good place to start, once survival gets to be dependent on cooperation. We are near that point now. Survival has always had a component of cooperation, but we are living in a good time of survival. We spend freely on medical research, and now have the capability to extend life of the generally nonviable bodies " about as long as the money lasts." It is time we need to make a decision on our priories. The first should be survival of the species, and to a large extent, that depends on accurately understanding the real problem we face. Religions are not looking at nor helping in the understanding of the problem.

Looking forward, we are facing a number of situations. Islam intent to take over the world with their over control of the people, and those of us who resist religion in general. Europe is a power keg, and there are sparks here and there, so it could touch of at any point. The middle east is unstable, and the US and North Korea, where propaganda is the religion. Unless these are resolved, the problem will just fester, all the time becoming more dangerous. It is time for the religious to see clearly, that they are part of the problem, if the foundation is reality.

One of the truths of the world is that as population grows, so does the variety of possible governments. The problem of government is it is a dead weight that must be carried. As they grow, and they all do, the burden of carrying the government grows, and at some point will kill the incentive to work legally. So tax crime grows, to the point tax avoidance become acceptable in the society, even preferred. Than regime changes occur, and we start over again. We are getting near that point again. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.        

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The Irish law states:
“matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion”

So even saying that I am an atheist would be blasphemy. " Especially, saying that there is no physical evidence of a god anywhere, so the likely last place for a god to hide is in the mind of the believers," aha it is all in your heads, would be blasphemy, yet that statement is true.

We in science have not yet found any traces of god. True statement. Not that we have looked everywhere, but we also know that to go from a believer to a non-believer, all we need do is to remove god from our mind; we therefore know that god exists in the minds of the believers. In other words, gods are concepts that are wrong and cause problems for many people as they try to leave religions. 

Blasphemy is the emotional cry of those who cannot put forward a logical operation due to first and second person thinking. Once we step into third person thinking, as some of us need to do to overcome other psychological problems, it is obvious that religions are all frauds. Bullshit. Sheepdip.

So the Irish Law is likewise illogical, trying to avoid offense to major religions. We atheist should take the next logical step to Realism, stop telling what we do not believe, and instead say what we believe. If we call ourselves a religion, we can be offended and anyone who suggests there is a god, or tries to limit our ability to speak out against such foolish concepts. We, the Realism Religion can then press charges against any religious leader, by taking offense.

Our first great commandment is there are no god, gods, fairies, souls, afterlife, reincarnation, or the like.
Our second is we should be offended at anyone who does not believe the first. It is up to us to educate the population of this reality. Those who will not learn may be left to die off, as in the end we all just die anyway.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


After accepting that there is no god, never was, never could be, it is time to move on with life, stop debating and considering the arguments, and move on, but what do we call that moved on state? Realism. There are many people that are stuck at that arguing atheism stage, like David Silverman, who make money arguing that there is no god, that have nothing further to offer, once we make that step out of the sucking hole of religion. Once we are free of it, well then, we are free to make our own decisions, and responsible for those decisions. We need to review our major moral beliefs and make up our own mind on what is right and wrong, good and evil, moral, what is virtue, and away we go.

We are not bogged down in endless debate about religion, but all that down drag sucking is just gone, we are free of the gravity like suck of religion. It is time for others to end their attachment to that giant sucking feeling. Morals have nothing to do with many subject, these become just more taxes on life. Life has it's own "Higgs field". Religion is part of that.

Marriage is one tax dodge, binding agreement that was intended to provide more security to raise children. Same sex marriage is a fraud, but if they want it, there is a bit of tax benefit, or home security system, home comfort system to be obtained for those who like those methods. They were born or psychologically developed a twisted obsession, and so wish to live that way for the remainder of there lives. We are overpopulated, and they should be allowed to live the way they want in piece. The gays have always been with us, and likely always will be. Twisted psychics exist; there is nothing to be done for these obsessives, unless they start impacting on the healthy peoples, and then there are laws for that. We are too many people, living in each others businesses. That is the real problem. Without religion, it becomes a tolerance issue, and they have the right to live out there lives in relative comfort they can afford. If they wish to register the union, so be it. The taxes are too heavy anyway.

We, the too many, may need to open up and allow, even perform the service of abortion, as a medical choice of women, right or wrong. If you are in the medical business, and disapprove of that service, but are public funded, you may be required to provide the service or get out. For many years I, an atheist, provided foundation design criteria for churches and other buildings. I did this unflinchingly while knowing much of religion is fraud. Yet the leaders who are complacent in the fraud deserve a suitable building foundation. It is part of the job, just do it or get out of the business. We need to be willing to take on the whole job or none. Most of us suffer along with jobs which we only like part of the job. That is life and the nature of life.

We, the two many, need to allow the suffering, without reasonable hope of recovery, to be terminated with consent free of pressure. We would do the same for a dog and call it compassion. We need to allow nature to terminate without prolonging the life of those who are unable to give consent, and have no reasonable expectation of recovery.  

Religion is a rabbit hole that we need not go into, certinally not after we have escaped. We can waste a life down those holes. It can be pleasant, but it is not real, living in our mind, with imaginary concepts like Alice in Wonderland. We can select a system of thinking that deals with reality and away we go. The Stoics and Buddhists had most of this figured out, and the systems work well together with a few minor pruning for the lay peoples. Little needs to be added to deal with the digital age, the information age, plastic age, computer age, what ever this will be called looking backwards from the future. It all does not matter much, we all just die in the end.

We, the too many, need to pass on our skill to the next generation, if they wish those skills. If they do not, oh well.  


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The State of Affairs

Last night I was at an atheist thing - discussion group. It is apparent to me this morning that the only thing atheist have in common is that we do not believe there is a god. We all got to this belief/knowledge along different paths; we are all at different stages. How we came; where we are is strikingly different. There is no evidence of a god; that we have in common.

The discussion was movies and how atheists are portrayed in religious/christian movies. These movies are written by christians, so of course, we atheists come off looking like derange people, but when we look at the real evidence, then there is none presented, only opinion. It makes a good entertaining story, nothing more. Movies are all fiction, and we cannot lose sight of that. These are not real, all atheists have in common is that we only believe in one less god than most.

The president of the local association is all upset because we are not being portrayed fairly, boo who oho. It is all fiction, most of non physical world is from this point of view, that which is not history or speculation of the future. If the author is not atheist, anything could only portray only one atheist, rightly or wrongly, and only at one stage of development, of life. Many of us change substantially over our lifetimes and over short period of our life. Most portray a fictional life, at one instant of time. Minor things can have major impacts on some people's lives. How a movie portrays us is just not important to me, at this point in my life.

To understand christianity, at the root, one must understand what was going on in the Roman occupied land of the Middle East. There was strife; life was savage, brutish, short. Many of the people were in revolt; some were hoeing out a living, raising a few sheep in community flocks. It was a time of little education. Many of the Romans could read and write, paper making was a well know technology. Life was mostly about living, but some had some excess income for more than essentials. It was a time of prosperity. Rome was having difficulty controlling the population. And along comes some lay about peace-nick. The real movement developed in the next four centuries, as the movement was adopted by "women and slaves" throughout the roman empire as it ungulate about trying to develop democracy among the various tribes and invasions. History is recorded by the survivors, so the real history is a bit warped all the time. Christians were and are more about story than facts, so haul in the salt, and so it began.

The human like a good story, and like to be able to explain everything to the story loving people. Many of us recognize that facts are the truth, but we have difficulty understanding / separating facts from good story. We are left struggling. Oh well. In the end we just die anyway, just like taxes.     


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The nuts are in control

 If you are not for us, you are against us. There is a bit of a logical error here. There is a big space between for and against, including the do not cares, do not know about, the apathetic and ignorant, and those who have no sneakers in the race.. Raise a toast to Rodger Runningshoe. Slave Lake 1973


 So the US thinks those are unfair trade issues. This is magic fairy thinking, that the world was created for the US. The US is an idiot state, in the same thinking league as North Korea. We all have the world rights to do what we like in our countries while trump does his idiot thing about making america great again, but he is lording it over other nations which will not fly. Europe, and TTP group are all wild for trade. US loses once we start trading elsewhere. Something are just cheaper to produce here, just as some things are cheaper to produce elsewhere. If we wish to keep our industries, we need to protect them. US is entitled to do the same.

So perhaps we need to put on a "trump tax" on our lumber exported to the US. Increase the cost of lumber in the US, and watch the fire works. Keep the money in Canada.

So trump is just an another believer of  "fairies at the bottom of the garden" type person. How can a nation elect such a person, except in a country with a "fairies at the bottom of the garden" believing population. It is just not logical, not rational, not possible to believe. The nuts are in control. That explains much. The nuts are in control.

So back to the current world, CNN is not going to print trump propaganda without getting paid to print it.    https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/5/2/15518860/trump-campaign-cnn-censorship  ... well they recognize it as propaganda, when it its trump boasting what he has accomplished, but nothing has happened yet beyond presidential declarations.   

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pitty the US

You Americans have a big problem now. You and your Trumps. The man is so paranoid, and sociopaths. He loudly puts down anyone like the media who do not agree with him, and his "I am the greatest" attitude. He will destroy the already poor reputation of "American Citizens" outside the US. "Yankee go home" has become a common refrain. Outside of the US, a yankee has a different definition than in the US, a yankee is any American, to us.

He not only has a bombastic, abusive, threatening attitude toward those he does not care about around him, but also to other nations. He is a high functioning sociopath, who only cares only for those he sees as valuable to him. His attitude is going to start a nuclear war with North Korea, as he is unable to allow others to be free to do as they need to do. North Korea lives in a state of well founded fear of aggression; they are a dangerous in that state of fear; as long as the US threatens them, there fear will grow. Can the US handle mutually assured destruction. Anyone starts it, then we all lose. The US is overstepping if they think they can prevent development of the ability. Today North Korea, tomorrow some other third world republic or religious caliphate with WMDs.    

He does not believe the direct relationship between carbon dioxide and methane level and erratic weather shifts. This is the final destructive force which the masses will not be able to handle. The rich will be able to have clean air filtration to deal with the breathing problems or oxygen generators to dilute the pollution. Look at the rise of CPAP machines to help sleep breathing. How much of that is just air contamination?

He does not honor existing agreements. This can throw others into chaos, and the US as well. NAFTA, and our Canadian supply management of milk products. Most products have a supply-price curve. But what about historical industries, where capital cost are high, and overproduction common? Can a Country afford to loose that industry. Lumber is the same, but the US lumber industry does not have the capacity to supply the US, and Canada has currently adequate but dwindling supply and lower cost. Most of the small lumber mills are gone; our domestic need is served by big companies who rape the land. Oh well, it employees people.

The US has a problem, whether or not they realize it. They are a society in decline. Europe is on the rise, as is China, Britain is about to split, Canada - who knows, but we are going broke also. Trump has become hated in many industries and parts of the world. The fasted solution would be assassination, them impeachment for conflict of interest, but that does not fix there problems. The next in line may be less bombastic, but still has no solutions. The world has over-regulated itself into a corner; we have laws which we are unwilling to spend the money to enforce, laws that we do not have the moral authority to make or enforce, hence do not have the good will of the people. Government is useless in that case. The people themselves must want to enforce the law, and abide by those laws. If that is not the case, civilization is lost. Truth must be the foundation of laws. a religion cannot bring peace except through annihilation of opposition, of truth seeking opposition. The US is doomed if this trumping continues. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Once more into the breach

We hardly, but this past weekend, I retook the Coach Training Workshop. Perhaps this time I may do the certification work required. Too much information in too short of time, It should be two weekends.

It is a pit of alphabet soup. FCA course, under NCCP, delivered by AA... That is the Federation of Canadian Archers, National Coach Certification Program, Alberta Archery.  It is one more case of breaking things down to the point of no one having control, so change is slow. Much of the work is done by volunteers anyway, and to jump through all the hoops is time consuming. Much of the information and process are useful, but without the background theory.

Not the other AA, a god based treatment for Alcohol that works for those who can believe a lie or story and live that delusion instead of thinking for themselves, and to control the information by calling them self Anonymous. The truth is that most suffer from a delusions, personality disorder, psychological disorder, chemically induced psychic disorder, homeostatic disruption or disorder, or related combination of issues.  But that all is a different issue.

Along the way, life has prepared me for this point, using information that I have for purposes it was not intended. The entire CanBow program built for the purpose of supplying ideal young athlete to the competitive archery stream. Recreational and hunters are not included. I am a recreational shooter, using modern traditional recurve and older compound, both using fingers for release and finger on mouth anchors (high anchor). I shoot indoors in the winter, and have the choice in the summer, however indoors has advantages. I shoot reasonable short distances, 18 meters indoor, and up to 40 meters outdoors. I shake some, so I am not accurate. Process not outcome is my focus, enjoy the process, get some exercise, meet some people, learn a bit, understand more. It is more about putting in the time until death. I can do something to make the time pass quickly or not.

Outdoor involves too much time searching for arrows. I cannot/willnot leave an arrow behind. It is an inbreed personality thing, a compulsion, a need to find that arrow. Outdoor shooting will likely be even less in the future as I creep toward the final demise. Recreational shooting is a potential lifetime activity that does not require expensive equipment. Club membership is the largest single cost for most, but transportation to the range is higher for me as I am twenty five km from the heated/cooled/equipped range.

Now you may have noticed I keep saying recreational shooting. Competition and hunters are different cats, with different goals. The competition cats are driven by being the best or the love of competition. Some parents drive their children and are results driven, not enjoyment driven. Hunters are purpose driven and usually have training wheels, aka compounds with sights. Most no nothing of archery, only a compound.

I think my future in archery is likely recreational with no competitions beyond me against myself. It lies in low tech, but not primitive technology, aka modern traditional. Bows can be found that are works of art, and often such are only used as show pieces, to nice to shoot with. I prefer utility, tough, durable that shoot fairly well. With recreational, $200 get you shooting, with competition you need $3000 bow to be competitive.

Aiming with the arrow is effective at shorter distances, and is one of the traditional methods of aiming. Much of the real traditional was done by instinct, which for most would take ten years to master. That is ok if you start at 4 years old, but most adults will not have patience enough. Some will catch on to instinct automatically, and some will not ever get it. It is not my interest. 

Instinctual shooting is learned, and is competency without comprehension. I have never seen a instinctual break 150 at the range. (150/300) But the arrow aimers often hit 250 to 280 range. These do not compare to olympic recurves 285 and compound 295's. Oh well, it is all about the process not outcome, competence with comprehension. Distance is all about seeing the arrow path.    

Fine tuned argument

The answer to the fine tuned argument can be found here. In short, fine tuned argument is backward... We are an opportunistic carbon based life form that grow where we can. We found a place where we could grow. The world was here first, and we invented religion to explain the Higg-Boson. 


Monday, April 24, 2017

We are getting closer

 We are getting closer to understand the beginning of life as we know it just when we can see the end as we know it, as a result of carbon dioxide rise, which stimulates methane release from methane hydrate. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Trump, another 20% on softwood. How about we put on a 50% export tax, and 200% on timber, and 100% on oil. That should shutdown Alberta.

On a high note:
Caterpillars are not fussy on what they eat. Now are wax worms eatable? A bit of genetic selection and we could have a method of cleaning landscape or plastics.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Directions Anyone

I was at a atheist meeting... where the topic was Countering Apologist or similar. I guess I am just not interested in debate or the illogical or quzi logical "science" arguments. Fine tuning.  Consider 𝞹. 3.14159... and how fine tuned is that. It is what it is, the science constants are what they are. The constants are what they need to be. There was competence without comprehension, just like in evolution.  A schism of self.

The numbers are what they are. The order is the universe, last big bang 13.8 EE9 years, sun 4.8 EE6 years, earth 4.54 EE6 years, man 200EE3, H. sapiens, since the last population bottleneck 74 or 75 EE3. Religion 3 EE3. Religions are created by man, and is a artifact of abstract thinking and time not devoted to carving out a living. If there is any doubt that religions were created by man, consider Ron L Hubart, Joseph Smith, Rastafarians, etc, and the Cargo Cult. Promises that are impossible, in effect fraud, if there is no god and there is not. Expect for North Korea, which is leader worship religion, Praise, thank, praise..., repetition brain washing.

There is no physical evidence of a god. We are just opportunistic animal with a capacity for abstract thinking and problem solving. Arguing, debating is just not my style, take my word or not, I just do not care, is more my style.

Many of the people there were new to the atheist way of thinking, and/or were actively converting. Some were abstract thinking still, and were interested in debating the religious. Not I. I know some of the truths, and seek more truth.

Some one said that our beliefs do not impact our behavior and that go a rise out of me. Our behavior is a direct result of our beliefs, we do not do things that oppose our beliefs, and we only do that which aligns with our beliefs, unless we are forced by a more basic need to do otherwise; greed or money need... to do work that we do not value, as an example. We do it for the money. We do it at the government direction. We do it for our defense. We do it for our safety. We do it for our god. We do it for our religion.

Moral behavior is conducted as a result of empathy for people and their lives, our lives. In the short run, we may follow the directions of others, as a learning method; competence without comprehension. Some later come to understand it.

I guess my approach is more one of reworking history, an anthropological approach. It may come from the geology, how our near surface soils deposits came to be.  There were floods, small in geological scale; massive in human scale. If there was a boat, it likely involved the farm animals. It may have had a visible cause, someone who understood water flows downhill, and may have been just a river flat "world".

We know that the Macedonians and later the Romans burned the bodies of the defeated as a final act of brutality to prevent martyrdom of dead heroes and hamper to grieving. Is this the resurrection story reworked?   

It becomes a schism of self. And in the end we all just die anyway.   

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ethics and Religion

SO religion says there is a god, but there is no physical evidence. Lack of evidence is not proof of nonexistence, but after an long search, where can god hide? In the mind of the believer, and is non physical but an mental object. God is a mental object, and as a mental object has no physical or consistent presence. This makes all religions that claim a god to be fraudulent, so how can they claim to be an ethical authority to provide moral direction?

So with religion safely out of the way as a moral authority and all peoples being equal, it is equality that becomes the moral authority. After education and scientific knowledge is corrected for, the greatest moral rule is likely the negative or the golden rule, do not do to other people that which you would not permit others to do to you. We are all here to cooperate with each other, to advance society of humans.

We are overpopulated it we look at the rise of carbon dioxide as the indicator. This should be our guide to creating a universal code of behavior, what ever that might end up being. Religion, aka artificial thinking, historical/cultural creation/guidance hypothesis need to be abandoned, and a cooperative attitude must take it's place. Death must once again be allowed to become the rule of those who cannot live without heroic measures. That is the proper job of the opoids and other medically appropriate drugs if the patient wishes.

Many people have written about what there version of utopia is. I will not. All I want is warmth in the winter, close, food and a bit of space to wander. What more do we old need? In the end we all just die anyway.

Before WWII, there was little for drugs, for welfare, and already too many people in the well populated areas, and too few in great swaths of the globe. Now there are too many even in the least populated areas, where making a living is hard. Once the oil is gone or in decline, we will be desperate for energy. Solar energy will not heat northern homes. That time is coming. our current young will see it, if war does not erupt soon.

Some were about 75,000 thousand years ago, we humans only numbered perhaps 10,000 after the Lake Toba die off. Perhaps it was the supervolcano, or that serves as a marker of time. We have had remarkable reproduction and survival to decimate so many other species and our atmosphere is now in danger. It is time to give up religion and start cooperating to save the planet from being destroyed by overpopulation.

Religions, without a god, are just fraud. So why are religions so unwilling to really take a serious look? Perhaps they have and realized this. Without god, religions are fraudulent organization, and chose to suppress the truth. Feel free to draw Mohamed👦👦👦.