Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fentanil, Fentanyl, Carfentanil

We have all heard of this latest drug epidemic produced by the big Pharma, and now production has gone off shore, where they will happily produce and ship overseas almost anything. I can see their point. Why should anone stop producing a products when there is a market? We do not use them, only sell them. Why should we care? We are not their keepers. White imperialist dogs. It is no different than those who manufacture guns, bullets, explosives, processed foods, GMO, and all those other goods and services that are killing people today. We produce and sell without great concern to the end user. We need to earn a living today, that means sell a product or service, or beg so
that others may feel good by giving.

Once we see that the world is overpopulated, why should we care if people do not respect themselves enough to not buy and use street drugs? They cannot think that they are harmless. They are addicts, and often doctors and legal drugs caused the addiction; together with our pressured society, and those who do not adapt, suffer. It is up to each us to just stop. We are on our own. It is our responsibility, ours alone. If we chose to gamble with our lives, can we expect others to care for long? Soon we will be dead. It is up to us. So the bleeding hearts do there thing, but they do it for what they get out of it, while they claim to be helping others.

I knew enough about addiction to recognize that I was addicted, and kicked the use early on, while I still had Oxycontin on prescription. There is a urban myth that we can go through life pain free. Life is going to hurt. Oh well, that is life. We need to learn to deal with pain, and do what is necessary to reduce pain to a tolerable level through philosophy, and behavior. If others cause us emotional pain, just stop caring, and do what is necessary, it does not matter in the big picture. Other societies do it: to not care is self protection. Children come to visit, and are free by their fourteenth birthday, when they are expected to start to produce and learn to live separate from the family. Our natives allowed the young girls to go to the adjacent tribes. With the education we need today, this just does not fit well, but we need to free children much earlier. Emancipated minors, yes, and we need to let go of them. The world is overpopulated now.

So is it right to push my opinions onto others? I do not think so. The Islams think they have the right, but that is bullshit. I have the freedom to express, and others, you have the choice to read or not, to listen or not, to do or not. That may be why blogs are an ideal format for me, I can speak, write, and it does not matter, if zero read or a thousand read it. It does not matter. I do am not concerned. There is so much output to the public, it is impossible to intake and sort the valuable from the irrelevant information. Some is false, incomplete, partly true, while other is just irrelevant at this time, and may always be such. It does not matter. I need to write to hear myself, and then I forget. That is my life, with no sharp long term memory. I could not write without a computer, spelling is beyond my memory. Such is the life of a dyslexic. Oh well.

So it is choice to take drugs, and it is individual responsibility that allows us to take, or keeps us from taking drugs. It is not my pace to judge you, nor to help you too much. If I ketch you stealing my stuff, I will terminate you, and bury you in the back yard. Shoot, shovel and shut up, or some such. At least I think I would, now, if I were pissed off, I might, I do not know. I might send a arrow your way. I would not seek to harm you but you are standing where I am about to shoot, and I had to let go as I could not hold it any longer.

Personal responsibility for what happens to us that we have control over, and not for those things we have no control over. But what about those things that we do not have complete control over, only influence, and our biochemistry has ultimate control over? Like our appetite? Do we need to respond to appetite?  

Friday, November 10, 2017

People change and not for the better

How has the internet changed the people who I deal with an how has it changed me?

Should I have any communications with people who are negative toward me? Not likely.

The internet has been the root cause of me becoming more negative toward goofy ideas. At the same time, I see others dismissing sound reasoning and truth as "just something off the internet", without taking the time to examine the case.

There is little real science on the internet, most of the science is sensationalism. The expectations seems to be those areas where the "science is wrong", and the voices crying in the wilderness are all over the internet. Food Science, and some areas of medical treatments, Statins, for example.

And yet the interned is unable to provide a solution for the problems of the world or obesity, which we know is a psychological issue. It stimulates descent, distribution, as we say in the Arab Spring uprisings, and with the US identity politics issue. Be aware if this thing we have created, and the evil it can bring upon us.

First I need to deal with myself. as my biases have changed which tints my view of everything. I am still abrupt, and will not associate with those who's views are different than mine much of the time. This leaves me alone, but not isolated, as I once was. I do not wish to be around people who criticize, condemn me for stating the obvious; obvious to me anyway. I am a nasty person, oh well, you will just need to live with that. The evil internet allow us to rub shoulders with many more people, at least with the ideas that they are promoting.

Facebook is not for me, (not to say that I do not occasionally look) but it is the only way to keep track of the relatives; but do I need to track them; it does not feel right; it is more like stocking; they do not contact me; why should I care to track them. Any of my comments seem to draw flack, so it may be time to stop all outgoing relative contact, after all I am atheist and they are mostly raving religious or have other goofy ideas.

I think I should go shoot something.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

More Reality

The internet is an evil thing much of the time. It allows much communications, but it is always one sided, expressing the opinion of the author. Incomplete information is normal. It leaves many users ill informed and biased. Others of us it leaves unsatisfied and frustrated.

GMO is not all bad, but it has its wrongs. Informed consent is a concept that legal persons are using in relationship to consent for sex, in which a wined up lady is unable to give informed consent. So with GMO, it should be labeled so that we can make informed decisions. Some of there products caused damage, and these "products" have been modified or withdrawn. This will happen again. We need the ability to make informed decisions.

Fracking has a bad reputation for water well damage; which does happen. Usually it is aquifer communications, often through the borehole aurora not being adequately cemented. That is being overlooked so often. Also let us not forget all those open shot holes and testholes that we leave around the country with just surface caps.

When I see You-tube videos proclaiming these as myths, it pisses me off. No satisfaction. No contentment. Perhaps one should just abandon the internet?

Monday, November 6, 2017


Monday morning and reality after the time change has set in. We have five months of winter to go through, and two months of unpredictable sledding. That is reality. It will be milder than the winters of my youth, due to man made climate change, higher Co2 and methane in the atmosphere, with greater retained heat from the sun than in my youth. Reality.

Reality. There is no god; therefore, all religions based on god are bogus; we need to life morally well, live by virtue, anyway. That is the only way the overpopulated mass of people can get along. Stoics call it cosmopolitanism. The Buddhist foundation virtue is compassion for all living creatures, but that is needed to be cautioned as some animals are needed as food, but a good life and quick death is the humane way, unlike the Muslim bleeding to death. It may have been quick in its day, but not now.

Reality is cruel for sure. We grow old, become in pain, and in the end we die. Modern medicine allows us to maintain life often, but not necessarily quality of life. At some point we may wish to stop care and even hasten our end. That is our natural right. Many of the issues of the past are no longer a common issue around here. Slavery sill exists in the third world, and in corners of the old world, perhaps in the deprived parts of the new second world.

The worst issue we have today is the religious pushing there sick values onto others. The world is overpopulated; human life has little value until there is a living wanted child. Abortion to one third term should be allowed without question, and to half term with reasons, most any reasons. The third or other/neither sex must be allowed to live unencumbered. Wishing to marry and the like creates animosity, but if they wish to legalizes there relationships, what is the harm. I have concerns of them raising children, but no more than with perverted natural parents. There will always be some child abuse... there is no way to avoid it. Government run rearing is not the answer, just look at the abuse of residential schools that took in children from remote areas, both native and immigrant children, and English boarding schools. They were bad but perhaps better than the enslavement that many of us suffered at the hands of our own parents.

Reality, our current public food system is purchaser choice driven. There are at least four decision modes, energy/nutrition, taste/pleasure/enjoyment, comfort/habit/emotions, and mind driven addiction satisfying. If any beyond the first enters the picture, weight could be a problem. In reality is is often preferred to control our eating at the store stage, do not bring crap home and it will not be eaten.

Reality, we need activity to provide the motivation and movement, especially for seniors. We need to keep our mind sharp and stay in reality, keep our morals high, and not succumb to the lour of easy money, pleasure, instant gratification dopamine fixes, but develop long term serotonin satisfaction. The young will need to come to know this, and the sex hormones will make that difficult. The population needs to be stabilized at a level that the earth Co2 handling keeps the value reasonable, < 300 ppm, or < 400 ppm, but that is not likely to happen. We will struggle on until the next mass extinction occurs.    

Reality, if our family are assholes or gooffiess, or nogoodnicks, we need not associate with them. Negative people are downers, so it is fair game to "there are no gods so your whole religion is based on bullshit."  We are each alone in our own heads. That is reality, some follow the traditions of the ancestors,  and some set out to modernize or rationalize our way of thinking.  Onward is our best decision today.   

Friday, November 3, 2017

Govener General shit storm

So now the truth creates a shit storm. What a bunch of pussy's. We cannot tell it like it is because, well we might offend an idiot. Man has created faster climate change as a result of the population producing more carbon dioxide than the earth can absorb, and as a result, ocean acidification is occurring, along with climate warming, and all that comes with. People do not want to live in reality, it is nicer to live in a dream fiction state. Some idiots find it offencive. Well, get over it. anything is offensive to somebody. There is no evidence of a god, but lots of people believe in gods.  

so softly said, the meaning could slide by. Random vs governed processes. the process of becoming alive is not random, it is almost automatic under the right conditions. It is only random when these conditions occur. And the creation of life was not a single event, but a series of lives, and the best few survived. Parallel paths, and each form branched...some merged... and now we look around us and see...  the array that is today.

Some will be "offended ". So what. We need to live in reality of today.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Belief Cleaning

Our beliefs are screwing us over. Our beliefs are things we learned as children, as youths, as adults that we never test or evaluate in detail, but we continue to believe them, live by them, even when they are wrong.These are our first response to any situation that arises. These can be issues from over felt responsibility to pity for the belief riddled religious. It extends from ignoring the obvious (as trump and climate change) to the violence that is Islam fall back position, to kill, if they do not get there way.

We have life choices to make, which we make and live by them or the result of the path chosen. Some times it turns our well, sometimes much less so. Oh well, we just get one kick at the cat, and sometimes we just miss. But that is not the issue of this post. The issues is there are four loci of change: behavior, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Our beliefs lie at the bottom, the foundation for all thoughts. If these are wrong, all thinking is less than pristine. Yet we do not go through and verify our beliefs. We just ignore them, except for the shallow superficial stuff. We never question the why of religions, that is taboo, yet so evidently wrong.

There is no clear right and wrong in so many areas. The drug companies create money by selling drugs legally that cause addiction; Oxycontin, and once one is addicted, the government cuts off the supply of safe clean Oxycontin, and the addicts reach for street drugs or realize they are addicted and kick the addiction. At the bottom is a wrong belief, that life should be pain free. We trust the medical system, and the government, two of the most depraved organizations possible. We are each on our own, there is little real help with the vicissitudes of life.

Now, let us get on with cleaning of our belief system. It is not the domain of most psychologists, as it can quickly be come messy. Those that do undertake such do so on a very superficial level, or that is what is suggested on the internet websites that breach the subject. Several sights suggest partial reloads, of their selection of beliefs... evangelizing whatever they are selling. No one that I have yet found has a systematic look at all those food/eating related beliefs that are causing the problem.

I suggest that the following needs to become my view:
  • that we should eat three times each day with a bit more protein/fat before retiring
  • all meals should be small and contain mainly fats and protein but enough carbohydrates to remove cravings as my liver does not seem to be able to produce enough glycogen on low carb diet.
  • Those who do not agree can just fuck off or I will.

Friday, October 13, 2017

How much is buyers remorse

So back when they were young these ladies used there bodies to get ahead, and now they have buyers remorse. They did not complain at the time, for only those who put out got ahead. That was the way of the time, there were many qualified and capable people, how was the choice to be made. Now that everyone is old, and the moral backbone of the world has changed, and we, the public, will not tolerate such behavior, all this becomes public.

Such behavior has long been the way. It was trained in behavior for some, others of us saw such behavior, and were trapped, being wage slaves at the time. The rich get the girls, it has always been that way. Why should we care? Now there is this scream that looks like buyers remorse. It does not involve me, but I say such behavior when I was young. I feel only apathy now.

Our natives are doing the same thing. Back in the day when the public thinking was only good Indian is a dead Indian, there were no big outcries. Now that the public are bleeding hearts, the Indians are harvesting profits from some of the attitudes we feel guilty over. But how long is that attitude going to continue? We boomers are reaching the stage that half of us are dead, and the next wave are taking over. We have let in so many immigrants... and they have no loyalty to our past. They will start saying ... We are not responsible for the wrongs of the past... We came here with nothing... get over it, get on with your life or die off. These are the good years.

Life, as we know it will end. Co2 levels, with methane hydrate melt, some volcano or meteorite strike, super bugs, nuclear war, what ever, will end life as we know it, or we each get terminated separately. It does not matter, it will come.

In the mean time we will continue. We will impose our imaginary life overlay on the reality that we do not look at... we will continue to live in our dream world that only we see. Trump will continue to see himself as perfect, and decimate those who do not bow to him. Un will do similar. Ref: