Monday, March 12, 2018

Open Letter to Mr. Justin Trudeau, P.M.

Dear Sir:

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Sears bankruptcy, if you can call it that, has left a lot of seniors in finical straights. It was not a bankruptcy in the normal sense, but a planned asset stripping and looting of the company, including pension plan assets.

If the Government of Canada does not act to prevent such future occurrences, all pension plans will be considered to bait and switch sort of employment incentives, with no future value. That may make it more difficult to save for retirement, and dry up the retirement plans as a source of funds.

The question becomes what kind of country is Canada? One that allows the abuse of seniors, by allowing their small funds to be stolen by asset strippers? What kind of safeguards are not in place to prevent this abuse? How safe is any pension plan? Should I be keeping my funds under the mattress, or buying gold or Scotch?

I will not starve, there is always the public dole, but many have gone from comfortable to just getting by, as a result of the lack of oversight/regulation. Perhaps asset strippers should be in the same group as drug lords.

Thank you for your time. I will be voting in the next election if I survive until then.

Fred Tully

Thursday, March 8, 2018


For knowledge, the standard test has 3 points: it must be true, we need to believe it to be true, and the tough one, there must be some evidence. At once we see that religions fall short on the evidence part.

The Big Bang suggests that the Higgs field is as close to the creator as it gets. Within the Higgs field, things pop in and out of existence, randomly, but in pairs, one mater, one antimatter, and then collapse back and annihilate each other, but like the flying birds in a cage, have mass, and produce a force that generates more Higgs field. Dark matter, dark energy, well in one theory anyway, but what do I know.

Evidence, first hand knowledge is a bit rare on the internet, so perhaps all should be held in absence, unless we see the evidence. If it take years to know if it works, well that is not evidence enough. Statins are equivalent to placebos, but with three times the suicides. Oh well. Vaccinations work, or some do at least, except where we get clusters of problems, like Andrew Wakefield found from early vaccinations and autism and gut problems. So the vaccination industry went after Wakefield, just like the South African dieticians are after Tim Noakes    

So does this suggest that there is a problem with vaccinating early and autism? The Alberta guidelines states not before 3 years.  And what about red die number 2? And then there is garlic and vivid dreaming.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Revised ethics and upselling

When we apply the nine point scale to ethics, we see that upselling is less than neutral. At neutrality, fairness both ways is the hallmark. Upselling makes the consumer a mark, the dispenser a abuser. It makes a slave of the consumer, and the dispenser get more than he should, becoming the abuse. Both the employee and the company become unethical.This can be considered a 3 or 4 on the ethical scale, with 5 being neutral, a 1 being evil, and 9 the sage. Honest and fair dealings should be the law of the land, the ethical standard.

So the telecommunication giants, like Bell have a problem, once we apply a definition of ethical to their actions. Equality, justice, is the foundation of ethics. An impartial judge is necessary, but a definition to test against is also essential. Religions fail to provide a clear definition. Christianity provides a do unto others as you would they do unto you, but no test for fairness. Upselling depends on the unawareness of sucker, the greed of the individual, and the company doing the upselling. It is still usury, and that is lower than neutral ethics, but not illegal... yet.

Upselling is just down the road from selling products that do not work, or concepts that do not work. Catholics sold the belief that for a bit of money, you could buy your way into heaven. Most of the time it was give, give more, but is this event ethical. With the fairness test, and the lack of evidence that there is an afterlife, even the churches, all religions are likely unethical. We cannot prove it so, I cannot say unethical, but I feel that they are unethical by modern standards. It all comes down to what is the test of ethical neutral?

If I consider the test to be political equality, and sit back to consider the hypothetical situation, as the statin medical question, where the doctors are assumed to have more knowledge, and therefore their opinion is worth more, but do they. When we realize that seniors have a suicide rate approaching 1 percent, off statins and near 3 percent on statins. These numbers are from a Cochrane meta study review. The drug companies subtract the suicide deaths off before the analysis, because suicides have nothing to do with the study. Bull shit!! They are the only subjective number there is for quality of life. That says the quality of life goes down on statins. After that, there is only a slight advantage to be on statins, about three days longer life, if you tolerate them. One third to one half drop out of the study, which also says something. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. Well, what does this have to do with ethics?

The medical community is fanning great knowledge, to sell statins, but the benefit is not great until they slope the study. This is using hidden knowledge, which may not actually exist, to slope the playing field toward their side, which if we use the test of political equality, is less than neutral ethically. Once again we have the Andrew Wakefield situation. He found the problem, and pushed until the drug companies reacted, and they slaughtered him, not that he was wrong, but he did do some foolish things. Oh well, in the end we just die anyway. 


Thursday, March 1, 2018

ethics and a nine point scale

If one was to apply a nine point scale to ethics, what would the result be? There is space for foolish behavior, which is not wrong, but when someone else does something not quite right either, much shit happens. So what would a nine point ethics scale look like?

As far as behaviors go, perhaps :    evil, bad, foolish, goofy, neutral, better, best, good, sage ... or something like that.  So what would be the advantage, it is a variable grey scale, which allows that foolish behavior is not bad, just foolish. When the foolish get harvested by the predators, oh well.

So what drives some of us to what is right, and what drives others to do as they do? Greed in some cases, or realizing it is easier to take than to produce. Oh well. Or sexual urge, in the case of some. The Me too movement is out of hand. If they have committed a criminal acts, get charges laid. If not go away, not destroy the productive lives, even if they are assholes. Well perhaps the laws and or enforcement need to be changed. Perhaps companies will need to have video of all offices, just to protect the male employees. They may need evidence to protect the company. Now how does one avoid not looking at half nude ladies? well, with so few close on. It is just wrong to advertise that which is not for sale. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Chi a

For those of you who are not math types, n is used to represent a large and unknown number. So what would this ban look like?

For those of you who are   ot math types,   is used to represe t a large a d u know   umber. So what would this ba  look like?

 ot si ce archy, the cockroach has there bea  such a opportu ity to abuse the e glish traditio s of grammar.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What is Truth? got me thinking, what is truth and is it really related to the person making the calling of truth/untruth?

Consider Trump, and his definition of truth, what ever that may be. There is no doubt that he considers everything he says to be the truth. That alone should cause us to pause and realize that we need a new concept for absolute truth, science truth, that separates reality truth from political truth. Morning coffee clutch truth, aka bullshit sessions, truth is a lesser known fact that in business, where truth has a limited scope, and fraud is not possible due compartmentalization, or as reverse engineering of computer systems is not copyright infringement due to the legal firewall. But collectively, these practices are plainly legal methods of committing fraud and/or other illegal activities. Building companies to sell to conglomerates is also ethically questionable for other reasons. They makes wage slaves out of many of the employees. Oh well, they have a choice, poor or bad. Independence and freedom has a cost. So does truth. Morality is truth, so is it moral to work for the money, even when the work is, well, less than totally ethical, even when your job, taken in isolation is moral and/or ethical?

But this is just semantics. Or is it truth, viewed as the big picture.

Consider the gun situation in the USA. It is a political no win, or is it? The US government could do what need to be done and create a standard of gun ownership, or it could make the NRA a legal body to control it's members, and make them responsible for control / licensing for firearms/acquisition/ utilization; similar to what Canada does for engineers/medical/dental. Now watch the squirming. What is the truth now?

Since the jew, catholics, muslims, christians, political people all have different concepts of truth, perhaps we can just pick and choose what definition of truth we wish to speak, or select a term for absolute truth. Place truth onto a nine point scale, and call it eight point truth, bullshit becomes five point truth, and religion becomes two or three point truth. One is absolute false, while nine is absolute truth. Dead or alive truth. Most of religion is just rich stores of the time when they were written, of little value now in a multi-cultural world/country.

Our natives get an unfair shake in life to start, but many whites and others start with an equal or worse shake. It is about realizing this and making an effort to correct for that start in life. Philosophy is the answer, and specifically bringing there philosophy to the conscious, and realizing we are not going to help much. Objectivism is too common now. Yous are on your own. Fix yourself. That is truth.

Carbon Dioxide rise is a nine point truth, while climate change will be damaging to us is a seven point truth, while climate change will be damaging to some people is a nine point truth. Carbon capture is not safe and practical as a long term solution as underground Co2 reservoirs will leak long term, but they could help short term. Organic carbon capture is the only long term solution, that with population reduction, or population evolution, natural reduction, or similar methods.

So what is necessary to increase carbon capture on land? Water capture to start. Irrigation of any kind helps carbon capture. Grasses are likely one of the faster methods, they store about 3/4 of their carbon below ground, but any plants are good. Animal fertilizer and grazing of livestock to control vegetation is necessary to control fire risk. So all bits of bare land should be cleaned of fire risk materials and put into organic carbon capture, that is plant grasses.  

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump Supports Shooting Children

 Today in the news...

So trump want to arm teachers to prevent shootings. So the next issue is some kid get shot by their teacher for acting up, mouthing, talking back, or some other thing...

In reality, Trump and the NRA support shooting children and other people, and we have a false dichotomy. Guns that are useless except for killing people are not needed in a civilian population, so the simple solution is to ban then except for police, military, or a special license. A restricted weapon permit for collectors, or gun ranges, where they can go and safely try out such weapons. Trump supports shooting children.

So Objectivism (Ayn Rand) has its points. One is productivity should be the primary virtue in the ethics, after reason, self interest, sort of things. Pick what ever we need to do and bring our motivation to that thing, our desires to the productivity. OK, it is philosophy, where the idea is of importance, but so is reality. Down with altruism, up with self interest. Ah but Ayn was born and raised under Stalin's rule, so there is a bit of basis there. Helping others should only be done from a place of security, not out of duty, obligation, or forced behavior. Government should get out of the way, and let the people do things... that would be nice. Do not make slaves of anyone nor allow ourselves to become slaves... Free trade... well yes... mostly. But she was on speed, twice a day. Oh well.

So now someone says following your dreams is bullshit, follow the money instead, and let the greed motivate you. Yah OK.

So now it is possible to pick a thing, and then bring your desires, wants, motivation to bear on that thing. And all the while Sam Harris can demonstrate that free will is an illusion, and even the Stoics knew that the only thing we have complete control over is totally in our minds; we have only influence over our bodies, little influence of some others, and no impact over most and the world in general.

An Ohio pastor and his family were indicted for robbing a Sunday School teacher at gunpoint.

Police Investigated a HS Student Who Drew a Square Root Symbol in Math Class

This sounds like I have been looking at the checkout Examiner or something.

And we cannot engineer ourselves out of climate change, likely. Who will pay? and the cost may be large. Organic carbon capture is likely the best bet, but population reduction is a more sure method. At Co2=550 ppm, in about 50 years, all humans will be on positive pressure machines to sleep or oxygen enrichment devices. Oh well, that is what the young have to look forward too.